Thursday, November 13, 2008


Just made some jerk chicken with AUTHENTIC jerk seasoning from Jamaica. It was a sauce rather than a dry spice blend. It came in a little bottle like the kind Tabasco sauce comes in, and was only 3 ounces and therefore appropriate to bring back in my carry-on bag. I've tried jerk chicken recipes made from my own blend of fresh onions, peppers and spices, but none of them quite hit the right note. The sauce from Jamaica, on the other hand, was a perfect blend of sweet and spicy and peppery. It was easy to use - just marinate the chicken breast all day and grill on my George Foreman. I squeezed lime juice over it and ate it with naan. I have to admit, the Jamaicans know how to infuse flavor into their food. At the all-inclusive resort I stayed at, I didn't expect amazing food but I was surprised at how tasty it was. I enjoyed the jerk chicken there, as well as curried oxtail, but my favorite meal was at the airport: Jamaican meat pies! I have yet to find a good recipe to duplicate those at home.

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  1. My attempt at jerk chicken was not nearly as good. I ended up rebaking it with indian spices