Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Asian Home Gourmet

I like this brand: and not just because of the dancing ginger family on the home page. I like their spice pastes, and I usually don't recommend spice blends and pastes - preferring of course to mix them up myself from the basic ingredients. But the flavor is authentic and I can add whatever proteins and vegetables I want. There are spice blends representing several Asian countries: China, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Japan, and Thailand.
I've only ever found this brand in Asian grocery stores. In Minneapolis, United Noodles. In Chicago, Super H Mart. My favorites have been the Thai Tom Yum Soup (high sodium, very spicy but tasty with shrimp and spinach), Thai Green Curry, Indonesian Vegetable Curry, and Korean Bulgogi Marinade. And the Indonesian Satay. And the Sambal Stir Fry Noodles. And - well there are so many options and I'd be lucky to find them all. I may have to order some online.

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