Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nothing But the Best

My friend Monika came over for dinner last night and I made broccoli mascarpone soup and potato pancakes with apple compote and Greek yogurt. She claimed everything was excellent and I assured her that it was "nothing but the best" for her. Let's face it, I added, "nothing but the best for me!"
It's true, I refuse to eat bad food. There is too much good food out there to waste time, calories, and stomach space on bad food. I made some rice pudding the other day which turned out bitter and disgusting. I won't eat it, even if it wastes a cup of rice. Too bad. It will end up in the garbage whether it passes through my body or not, so why suffer?
Refuse to eat bad food. Put down your fork and wait until you find something worthy of your taste buds. When you eat bad food, you overcompensate by eating something else you really like later. Now you've just eaten twice as much as if you ate the good food to begin with. Refusing to eat bad food doesn't mean playing it safe. It just means trying a lot of foods, and not having to finish something you hate.
When I spend a long time cooking something, only to have it turn out bad, it's disappointing to throw it away. I'm tempted to try and "fix" it or choke down a little bit at a time. But it doesn't work, and it's just not worth it. I'll only remake the recipes that are great, while making my friends believe they get nothing but the best from my kitchen.

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