Monday, October 6, 2008

Chocolate Covered Bacon

I must address a certain prejudice I've encountered every time I mention to anyone that I tried chocolate covered bacon at the Minnesota State Fair. The initial reaction is, naturally, that it must be gross. But think about it. I'm a foodie but I'm not a fast food/greasy food loving person. Would I eat anything that was that disgusting? I didn't even touch the deep-fried candy bars! I would only put something in my mouth if I had a belief that it was tasty. So give me some credit please!
The naysayers are clearly people who believe bacon is greasy and chewy. But chocolate cannot adhere to grease. The bacon in this recipe was dry and crispy, like the kind you would crumble over a salad. It had the texture of a pretzel, and we all know those are good dipped in chocolate. And the chocolate was dark and rich, so the bacon was merely a vehicle for delivering chocolate to my mouth. Not necessarily the best vehicle, but not a gross one. If you like chocolate and you don't hate bacon, refuse to eat pork, or have a strict diet, I encourage you to try chocolate covered bacon because the opportunity may not come more than once in a lifetime. And it's fun to tell people about it and watch them make faces.

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  1. Vosges Haut-chocolat in Chicago makes a bacon cholcolate bar. I saw it in a store in pittsburgh but I didn't want to drop 6 dollars on it. Anyway, they make very fancy chocolates and endorse this bacon-chocolate combo. I want to try it!