Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Meal That Looks Like A Meal

"I like a meal that looks like a meal," my brother told me after describing how he baked a chicken between two frying pans, and then plated it with some steamed vegetables and rice. It sounds like a Top Chef style challenge to live in student housing, but he does have a point. Presentation counts, and when you plate your meal, even your Tuesday night dinner in front of the tv, it is that much more satisfying.
Try this: make boxed mac 'n' cheese and eat it out of the pot while gnawing on a leftover piece of fried chicken. How do you feel?
Then scoop some mac 'n' cheese onto a plate. Next to it, slice up the leftover fried chicken over some salad greens (don't you have salad greens that end up going bad every week because you buy them with the best intentions and never eat them?). Add a handful of baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, raisins, Craisins (TM) and/or nuts. Drizzle with salad dressing or just some oil and vinegar. Take a picture of your pretty meal and eat. Now how do feel?
I like taking pictures of food. How good does this salad look that my friend Tara made for my birthday party? Awesome.

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